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We identify needs and develop bespoke solutions.

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Education is being revised. The educational institution must work online and be considered as an agent and a centre for change, facilitating opportunities, where the roles of teachers are changed catering to students’ new learning needs through the integration of collaborative and disruptive online knowledge.

Telefónica Educación Digital performs educational projects and tailored solutions available for the educational community. For more information marketing.ted@telefonicaed.com


It is a virtual multi-device learning environment (VLE) which brings the management of teaching and the learning processes for an educational establishment together in the school centre.
It has a simple interface with innovative features for different roles: secretaries, teachers, students and their families.


It incorporates collaborative and communicative tools between user groups.


Easy to use for each role and adapted to their characteristics.


It enables integrating content from any publisher.


Accompaniment and consulting methodology for the change management in educational centres. On the basis of a diagnosis on the level of innovation and employment of ICT of each
centre, training processes are proposed in order to build a digital innovation plan. Sextante is founded on 4 pillars: educational, technological, transferable and digital.


We accompany and empower the centres in search of new learning models.


Centres learn to implement innovative ideas based on some key improvement dimensions and strategies.


Orientated to find solutions for new, useful and viable improvements to the centres.

Training plan in Programming and Robotics for teachers

Through a social learning Platform, teachers take a 150 hour Training Plan through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). In a second phase, and for the purpose of completing and
strengthening learning, they get practical onsite workshops where they can put into practice what they have learned. Once both are passed, the teacher receives teaching tools to be used in the classroom.

Blended learning

Brings together the advantages of both training models.


Motivational system based on games and badges.

Media Library

Resources with examples of projects and activities.