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We identify needs and develop bespoke solutions.

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Corporate training

The digital revolution is causing a paradigm shift which affects everyone but primarily companies and administrations. Talent is the factor that distinguishes one organization from another. Its skills and attitudes enable, besides taking advantages of what technology offers, new development and growth models.

We offer companies and institutions a global and digital training environment, adapted to reality with the aim of facilitating continuous, permanent and high-quality training which guarantees learning and return on investment as well as management effectiveness.

Technological platforms: wecorp

Wecorp is an online virtual learning environment (LMS) which allows organizations to give online courses to their professionals in a fast and efficient way.
Wecorp offers clients maximum autonomy and ease of access providing a high performance and reliability as well as being able to configure it with their own identity and needs.


Adapted to all devices.


Tailor-made: sessions, results, percentages ...


Creation of communities, contacts ...

Bespoke projects

On the basis of our clients’ strategy, needs and requirements, we build their ad hoc solution.
We focus on diagnosis and in laying the procedural, methodological, technical and teaching foundations of the training environment and the contents; in order to guarantee maximum
exploitation of the resources, adapting methodologies for the learning objectives, and savings in the creation, implementation and training management, by designing an annual training plan through the training needs’ evaluation and the job positions’ description.


One client, one solution

Concrete and measurable

We are committed to fixed results


Technicians, managers, pedagogues, experts...


Tool designed by Telefónica Digital Education which enables identifying the level of knowledge and skills of the employees
of an organization in order to assign tailor-made career plans for their tasks execution.


with regard to the number of tasks and skills

On line

Remote access to tests and results


Clear and measurable results

Open Source Application

Wemooc is an Open Source software created by Telefónica Educación Digital for creating, editing and managing MOOC courses with specific roles for different profiles: author, editor, validator, etc.
This project is implemented by Telefónica Educación Digital within the framework of the training program AVANZA2 (File Number: TSI-020602-2012-15), funded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological innovation 2008-2011, and the European Social Fund.


Modules, monitoring, roles, activities, ...


Social learning tools


Karma levels and Badges for gaming the achivements

Digital Transformation Channel

The Digital Transformation Channel is a learning space with content that helps you to function in the digital world.
Aimed at all organizations that need to mobilize their staff, involving them in their own digital transformation process.

Transformation goals:

  • - Understand the impact of digital technology on the economy and society.
  • - Train for the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the new context.
  • - Incorporate the most relevant aspects of emerging technologies.
  • - Integrate a digital learning model in the work flow.

Find out more about the Digital Transformation Channel